/ Taryn La Fauci

words, photos & video by josh yong


  • Name – Taryn La Fauci
  • Based – Sydney, Australia
  • Genre – Folk
  • Web – tarynlafauci.com


It was April when Taryn first sent a message to me. I remember it standing out as being one of the most polite and organized emails I’ve ever received.

She explained to me that she had her debut album coming out in June, and that she’d love to work on some live content to time with its release. So when I knew I was headed back over to Sydney, she was the first person I got in touch with. At the forefront of this project is not only collaboration, but the hopes to provide some kind of platform for artists to share more of their work, and Taryn seemed to fit both of these intentions perfectly!

We made a last minute call to shift the day of our collaboration back one day, from Sunday to Monday.

The thinking was that the location that Taryn wanted to use, “The Grounds of Alexandria” is typically super busy on the weekends, and so a Monday would mean we would have greater access and less interruptions. Unfortunately for us however, that Monday happened to be the one and only day forecasted to be raining, and sure enough at almost midday on the dot the clouds rolled in and the rain began to get heavier and heavier.

It was a solid 10 degrees colder than the yesterdays freak Summer spell, and I think our feelings were summed up in a text from Taryn, in the form of a crying cat face emoji.

Luckily though, she quickly followed up with

“I’ve got a wet weather location sorted! See you at 2pm!”.

This is the type of person that I absolutely love working with – acknowledging that things aren’t as we planned and being disappointed, but never dwelling on it and immediately figuring out how to get it done.

Right on time, Taryn pulls up outside my accommodation and I jump in. Straight away we made the call that we should still head to our original location, just in case. We figured that if we didn’t go and at least try it out, we would always wonder if it could have been the better option.




The grounds themselves are beautiful, this little oasis in amongst a very industrial area of Sydney. There’s markets, gardens, and a resident pig aptly named Kevin Bacon, who Taryn tells me was once kidnapped and found a few days later in the neighboring state of Victoria.


Unfortunately however, due to the weather there were a couple of things not on our side in terms of getting what we needed for the video. Since it was raining, most of the undercover spaces were occupied by people, and although the staff did offer us a space to ourselves, it was near the kitchen and so we were already competing with sound before we had begun.

We made the call there that rather than trying to battle our way through, the energy would be much better spent travelling to the indoor location Taryn had organised.

Before we left however, I thought it would be nice to snap a few portraits in this location, because although the sound wasn’t great, it still visually looked amazing!

Plus it would mean that this location wasn’t completely wasted on us!



So with that done, we jumped back in the car and made our way across town to the suburb of Paddington.

“This is my friends house – she first offered it to me to record vocals for my album, and was kind enough to let us use it again today” Taryn explains as she unlocks the front door.

We walk into the room and I’m immediately in love.

It’s all open plan, with the lounge leading down into a small kitchen. Upstairs is the bedroom in a loft-layout, basically a mezzanine overlooking the living space. The walls are a deep coloured brick, which brings such an incredible warmth to the room, especially on a stormy day like today.

It also makes complete sense to record a live rendition in the exact space that the album vocals were recorded in.




In the middle of this space, Taryn performs her track, rather appropriately titled “Winter”. It’s from her debut album “Cycling” which was released in June of this year, and was the result of a lot of time spent refining and crafting her songwriting and musical performance.

One thing about Taryn’s process is that she is always willing to ask for advice and guidance at every point in her journey. Open mic nights and songwriting circles are the platforms in which she developed her understanding and appreciation for the art of being a musician, and she used those learnings and filtered them into the creation of her own body of work.

“I’m not happy with what you’re taking,  //

I’m not ready to let you go…”

                                                                                 – Taryn La Fauci “Winter”




Taryn nails the performance. You can tell she’s in that post-album mindset, where these songs have lived with her intimately for months and months.

Playing this track live is simply muscle memory for her, allowing her the space to focus on the feel and emotion behind the song.


So just like that we slipped back out the door as quickly as we had arrived, mission accomplished. That’s definitely the vibe that I take away from hanging out with Taryn for the afternoon, she get’s it done and she get’s it done well. It’s determination and drive with a generous dose of integrity and consideration.

It’s a winning formula, and if she keeps this up, there’s no doubt that she will be onto something special.


Enjoy – more projects on the way so keep in touch.

Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what you think of the project so far.

 – JY x